"Jon used his own compelling life story to teach our team the importance of focus, family, honesty, respect, and accountability. His lessons reached our players on many different levels and reinforced the importance on how a positive team culture and locker room will translate to a teams on the field performance" Dan R, Emmanuel mens Head soccer coach

" A practical and eye- opening approach to such relevant issues. It reinforced a new respect and appreciation for roles of empathy, self- identity and leadership amongst student athletes. The presentation resonated with a longing and passion to persevere beyond our individual struggles for sake of self and others." - Jason S, Mens soccer

Jon came to speak to my team in 2014. Our players were an unbelievably talented group, and included an All-American and Gatorade player of the year, but we struggled to get along as a team. We had a few players who were making poor life choices- drugs, academics, crime, and family issues. Jon spoke from the heart about his own experiences in life, his battle with addiction, his feeling of regret, and his road to redemption. He emphasized the importance of honesty, understanding and trust on a team, and the desire to make the most of the life you are given. His talk motivated our players to treat each other as family, to care of each other both on and off the field. This year (2016) Jon returned to my team just a day after our first loss of the season. Our players- morale was down, kids had been arguing, and some were feeling discouraged. For a second time, Jon spoke to my team and for a second time, my players left practice feeling inspired and focused, and with spirits high. After his talk, Jon played pick-up with us." Joel Costigan, Deering High School Head Coach

" Thank You for inspiring me throughout this exhausting difficult time in my life. I don't know where you acquire the endurance and motivation to work tirelessly with myself and others alike, who had completely given up on themselves. You never once told me I MUST do what you say. Your approach was far more effective and made me WANT to listen to you. Please know that you had a very profound impact on my life. My family and I are forever grateful! Honored to have you as a new friend and mentor." -Mike, Past client

"It's not easy thing to do,stand up in front of young teenagers and talk about all the poor decisions you've made throughout high school and college, but Jon was there to teach not to make those same mistakes and we're thankful for him. Knowing that Jon's brother was a reserve player for some big clubs in the MLS and his older sister was a member of Bayern Munich made us realize that soccer runs in his family. Although Jon did not get to play professionally, he made a bigger impact on a lot of high school players and I personally think he is a role model to us all. I got to know Jon my freshman year at USM and playing with him was probably one of my most memorable moments. Jon was a great player with an amazing attitude. He was like a father figure to everyone on the team. Everyone looked up to him and he showed nothing but love. He was a friend, teammate, coach, and most importantly a father figure."- Ahmed A, Deering High School S soccer player

" Very inspiring man with a message that focuses on honesty and resilience. Necessary for athletes to hear."- Conor B, Mens soccer

"The speech was inspiring and influential in the speakers road to recovery and success. It allowed me to delve into my own past issues to come to terms with how to cope and seek for help. It also allowed me to put into perspective the issues that others  might face every day and give more support to my peers."- Ryan T, Mens soccer