Cross Wellness is a unique, interactive approach to drug prevention and student-athlete wellness that is different from existing and historical methods. The former approach of educating students was " just say no " talks, sad stories, and how drugs can affect the human body. These programs were largely put in place following  the 80's crack epidemic in hopes to bring a quick end to the war on drugs. The generation that were taught these interventions are currently in the midst of the worst opiate epidemic that has ever taken place. Quite simply, we are seeing today that those programs were not enough.

     Cross Wellness seeks to add another dimension to the work being undertaken by our schools today; to go beyond addiction to effect change in the next generation's everyday lifestyle. The program focuses on teaching practical strategies that students can implement into their everyday lives with the ultimate goal of potentially preventing future drug addiction, as well as increasing general well-being. The program address the growing problem of use of technology as a substitute for interaction, provides information on the benefits of yoga and meditation practices, and offers healthier strategies for peer bonding. It ends with a Q/A that allows students to ask questions and guide further discussion. 

Optional additions:

  • Family involvement, to provide an invaluable opportunity for parents and their children to learn and share an experience 
  • 1 on 1 consultations ,  to work with students on a more personal level
  • Teacher, Coach , and Parent addiction education, to empower educators and families  to take on a leadership role in preventing and combating addiction